Operation Food Search (OFS) is a St. Louis nonprofit that connects over 330 food pantries and charities to goods donated by local businesses, food pantries, and the community. Currently, the operations of the business are only monitored by a human walkthrough each day, inventory is not recorded, and there is no record of distribution. To modernize operations, we plan to develop a functional inventory management system on Excel that will allow a real-time view of the entire warehouse. Next, we want to help them collect data on the distribution of goods to agencies with a simple form. Then, we plan to use the data collected in distribution to create an integer programming problem to decide which items from the warehouse should be pulled for the next day of distribution. Using Excel Solver, we will construct a problem where the constraints are based on the agencies arriving on any particular day. This should save OFS a significant amount of time, allow them to serve large agencies more effectively, and will help them use more inventory before it expires.

OFS Capstone Project