Drug-Gene Interaction Database (DGIdb)
Helps investigators annotate genes of interest with respect to known drug-gene interactions and potential druggability. Developed at The McDonnell Genome Institute at Washington University School of Medicine.
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Gynecologic Oncology Tissue Bank (GOTB)
Provides human biological specimens to support cancer research, as well as lab support for clinical trials and academic research.
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Siteman Cancer Center Tissue Procurement Core (TPC)
Assists cancer researchers in the collection, storage, quality assurance and scientific utilization/impact of biospecimens collected from cancer patients and study participants, in order to better understand the molecular and genomic basis of cancer.
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Tissue Histology Core
Includes a slate of microtome, cryostats, embedding center, oven, tissue processor, microscope, hood, chemical cabinets, a nanozoomer microscope, H&E staining station, and a full time histology technician. Also has full capacity to process and analyze human and mouse tissues.
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Women’s Genitourinary Tract Specimen Consortium (WGUTSC)
Provides investigators access to genitourinary tract samples, including endometrial samples, fibroids, vaginal swabs and urine, from non-pregnant women from different age groups.
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Women and Infants Health Specimen Consortium (WISHC)
Pools resources across patient clinics to provide researchers unique access to pregnancy-related biospecimens and data collected over months and even years of care. In addition to providing banked samples, WIHSC can fulfill custom specimen requests.
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