Clinical Cohort


This set consists of a collection of 663 subjects aged 21 to 94. This clinical cohort was evaluated for memory disorders and dementia including clinical, csf, neurospychometric, and neuroimaging assessments.

This is a unique dataset and not an update to the OASIS-3 Longitudinal Multimodal Neuroimaging dataset.


MR Sessions

Publications and Acknowledgements


Acknowledgments: “Data were provided [in part] by OASIS [insert appropriate OASIS source info]”

  1. Principal Investigators: T. Benzinger, L. Koenig, P. LaMontagne


Select Atrophied Regions in Alzheimer disease (SARA): An improved volumetric model for identifying Alzheimer disease dementia. Koenig, L et al 2020. NeuroImage Clinical, 26,102248. doi: 10.1016/j.nicl.2020.102248

OASIS-4 Imaging Data Dictionary And Methods

The following links contain important links for project documentation.

OASIS-4 Demographic and Clinical Files

Subject 0AS_data_files contains all non-imaging data including the following files:

  • Spreadsheet Files
    • Demographics
    • Cognitive Assessments (psychometrics)
    • JSON summary information for MR scans
    • FreeSurfer Scan Post-processing files
  • Data Dictionaries:
    • OASIS-4 Imaging Data dictionary
    • OASIS-4 Clinical and Psychometric dictionary
    • OASIS-4 CSF Data Dictionary
  • Data File Download:
    • Click on MR session (OASIS4_data_files)
    • Select assessments you want to download
    • Bulk action Download
OASIS-4 Scan Download Scripts

The following shell script can be used to download large amounts of data from the OASIS-4 dataset on NITRC-IR.

  1. Create a CSV spreadsheet with a list of sessions to download (or download a CSV from NITRC-IR)
  2. Download the script:
  3. Open a Terminal window (on Mac) or Command Line window (on PC / Linux)

To run the script and download data, you need to provide the following parameters:

  • <input_file.csv> – your list of sessions to download
  • <directory_name> – the path to your local download folder
  • <NITRC_username> – your username
  • <scan_type> – (optional) the type of scan or scans to download