Najjuwah studies how to design, implement, and scale cost-effective and anti-biased technology in obstetric and gynecologic settings. Her current work focuses on improving communication interventions to prevent recurring vulvovaginal infections. 

During her undergraduate programs in Economics and Psychology at North Carolina A&T State University, Najjuwah began working at Guildford County Department of Health and Senior Services. Within her experience at the STI Clinic, she learned the barriers faced by clinicians and patients when discussing disclosure and prevention – from vernacular to health literacy differences. Upon relocating to St. Louis to attend Washington University in St. Louis, she began working in multiple capacities for school districts and health districts in order to improve health literacy outcomes for adults and adolescents with varying health education histories. 

Since becoming a doctoral student, she has partnered with The SPOT Youth Center, Something Positive for Positive People, St. Louis City Department of Health, St. Louis County Department of Health, and Washington University in St. Louis Institute for Public Health. As a doctoral student, she combines ethnography, health literacy, informatics, and economics to understand how healthcare technology can improve the cost-effectiveness of communication interventions for vulvovaginal infections while reducing biased implementation. 

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