Natalicio (Nat) Serrano is a fourth year doctoral student in Public Health Sciences.

Research Interests:

Chronic disease prevention and the role of the built and social environment on health behaviors and outcomes, with the ultimate goal of reducing health disparities among disadvantaged communities

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Natalicio is currently a NHLBI T32 predoctoral fellow in Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease. He is affiliated with the Prevention Research Center in St. Louis, and has worked on projects aimed at promoting physical activity in rural communities, understanding sports participation fees in high school athletics, and evaluating evidence-based public health trainings.

Before coming to the Brown School, Natalicio earned his BS in Health Sciences (2014) and MPH in Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences (2016) from San Diego State University. While at San Diego State, Natalicio completed a two year-NIH funded diversity supplement where he examined the relationship between the neighborhood environment and travel behaviors in Latinos.

Featured Publications:

Serrano, N., Diem, G., Grabauskas, V., Shatchkute, A., Stachenko, S., Deshpande, A.,Gillespie, KN., Baker, EA.,Vartininen, E., Brownson, RC. (2019). “Building the capacity – examining the impact of evidence-based public health trainings in Europe: a mixed methods approach“.Global Health Promotion

Serrano, N.,Perez, L. G., Carlson, J., Patrick, K., Kerr, J., Holub, C., & Arredondo, E. M. (2018). “Sub-population differences in the relationship between the neighborhood environment and Latinas’ daily walking and vehicle time”. Journal of Transport & Health,8, 210–219.