Note that these vector are outdated.  They work, but newer mini Tol2 vectors are smaller and easier to work with.  This site remains for information purposes.


     We have created a series of vectors in a tol2 transposon backbone which allow for screening of transgenes using heart fluorescence. Our motivation for creating these vectors was to simplify creating and tracking of transgenic fish that independently contain either UAS or GAL4 (and its derivative) constructs.
     The vectors use a small cardiac myosin light chain promoter to drive fluorescent proteins at high levels specifically in the heart. We have developed red fluorescence (pBleeding Heart), cyan fluorescence (pCold Heart), and yellow fluorescence (pGep Heart) based vectors. We have created UAS derivatives of the Bleeding Heart vectors and GAL4VP16 and miniGAL4 derivatives of the Cold Heart vectors to allow for independent scoring of the driver and reporter lines using different colored heart fluorescence. Most of the vectors have also been modified for use with the GATEWAY cloning system. A set of fifteen vectors are now available. The sequence of the newly inserted components of each vector has been verified. To request the vectors please contact Michael Nonet.