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pSB103 (snb-1 rescuing genomic) [sequence] [map]
pSB150a (aka pSB102-Q68V) [sequence] [map]
pSB120.65 (SNB-1::GFP) [sequence] [map]
pSB121.65 mec-7p::SNB1::GFP) [sequence] [map]
pSB126.65 (punc-4::SNB-1::GFP [sequence] [map]
pSB6162 (SNB-1 expression vector) [sequence] [map]
pSAM1 (rpm-1 promoter ::GFP) [sequence] [map]
pSAM3 (GFP::RPM-1 ) [sequence] [map]
pSAM8 (RPM-1 genomic clone) [sequence] [map]
pSAM13 (pmec-3::RPM-1 clone) [sequence] [map]
pRIM3 (pmec-7::UNC-10-GFP) [sequence] [map]
pRIM5 (unc-10 promoter::GFP) [sequence] [map]
pRIM6 (unc-10 rescuing genomic) [sequence] [map]
pRIM8 (unc-10-GFP rescuing genomic clone) [sequence] [map]
pRIM10 (unc-10 del [Znfinger-PDZ] GFP) [sequence] [map]
pRIM27 (unc-10 del PDZ) [sequence] [map]
pRIM47 ( rab-3p GFP UNC-10-PDZ-C2A) [sequence] [map]
pGEX4T-QPDZC2A (GST -PDZ-C2A) [sequence][map]
pQRIMcDNA1 (full length unc-10 Rim cDNA) [sequence] [map]
pTX10 (pRSET UNC-64 syntaxin expression vector) [sequence] [map]
pTX4 ( UNC-64B syntaxin cDNA) [sequence] [map]
pGEX2T-TX (syntaxin-GST expression vector) [sequence] [map]
pTX21 (UNC-64 syntaxin rescuing genomic) [sequence] [map]
pTX34 (UNC-64A-GFP syntaxin fusion) [sequence] [map]
pTX35 (UNC-64A-GFP minigene fusion) [sequence] [map]
pTX37 (UNC-64B-GFP syntaxin fusion) [sequence] [map]
pTX38 (UNC-64C-GFP syntaxin fusion) [sequence] [map]
pTX39 (UNC-64C-GFP minigene fusion) [sequence] [map]
pTX41 (GFP:UNC-64 syntaxin fusion) [sequence] [map]
pST110 (pRSET SNT-1 cytoplasmic domain expression) [sequence] [map]
pST121 (Lorist 6 SNT-1 genomic clone) [sequence] [map]
pHO2dQSNP (RIC-4 expression) [sequence] [map]
pMK2 (small rab-3 genomic construct) [sequence] [map]
pMK4 (rab-3 rescuing genomic) [sequence] [map]
pAC2 acy-1(js127) lesion in genomic construct [sequence] [map]
pAC3 acy-1(L244S) lesion in genomic construct [sequence] [map]
pAC4 acy-1(js127) genomic region with BamHI site in front of ATG [sequence] [map]
pAC5 acy-1(js127) genomic coding region under snb-1 promoter [sequence] [map]
pAC6 acy-1(js127) genomic coding region under myo-3 promoter [sequence] [map]
pAC8 acy-1(js127) genomic coding region under glr-1 promoter [sequence] [map]
pAC9 acy-1(js127) genomic coding region under unc-25 promoter [sequence] [map]
prabGFPRim3′ (rab-3 promoter for neuronal expression) [sequence] [map]
pRAB100 (pan neuronal promoter /eGFP fusion construct) [sequence] [map]
GFPrab3Rim3′ (GFP::RAB-3 under the rab-3 promoter) [sequence] [map]
pmec-7GFP-RAB3-rim3′ (GFP::RAB-3 under the mec-7 promoter) [sequence] [map]
pmec7 Scarlet-RAB-3 (scarlet::RAB-3 under the mec-7 promoter) [sequence] [map]
pBHA-rab3 (rab3 two-hybrid vector) [sequence] [ map]
pBHA-rab3(Q81L) (rab3 two-hybrid vector) [sequence] [map]
pBHA-rab3(T36N) (rab3 two-hybrid vector) [sequence] [map]
pBK3.1 (slo-1 cDNA under snb-1 promoter) [sequence] [map]
pBK4 (slo-1cDNA:GFP fusion under myo-3 promoter [sequence] [map]
pBK4.1 (slo-1 cDNA under myo-3 promoter) [sequence] [map]
pmyo-3-egl-36(E142K) (egl-36(gf) cDNA under myo-3 promoter) [sequence] [map]
pmyo-3-egl-36(E142K G408E) (egl-36(lf) cDNA under the myo-3 promoter) [sequence] [map]
*note this plasmid is erroneously called pmyo-3-egl-36 (E142K G398E) in Zhao and Nonet 2000
pRSET/unc-13(1-267) (unc-13 zinc finger expression clone) [sequence] [map]
pPD95.75 SVOP (SVOP-1::GFP construct) [sequence] [map]
pSY1 (sng-1 promoter GFP construct) [sequence] [map]
pSY3 (SNG-1::GFP construct) [sequence] [map]
pSY12 (sng-1 promoter::rat synaptogyrin::GFP) [sequence] [map]
pHSP-nsfGFP (CHO nsfGFP under hsp16 promoter) [sequence] [map]
pHSP-nsf(E329Q)GFP (CHO nsf(E329Q)GFP dn under hsp16 promoter) [sequence] [map]
hsp16-CeNSF::GFP (Ce NSFGFP under hsp16 promoter) [sequence] [map]
hsp16-CeNSF(E340Q)::GFP (Ce NSF(E340Q)GFP under hsp16 promoter) [sequence] [map]
pMU329 (myo-3promoter driving UNC-29) [sequence] [map]
pELKS 5 (ELKS-1 genomic clone) [sequence] [map]
pCAST06 (ELKS-1 genomic clone) [sequence] [map]
pELKS 9 (ELKS-1 del IWA genomic clone) [sequence] [map]
pELKS12 (ELKS-1 venus fusion) [sequence] [map]
ELKS cDNA clone (excision of yk329a12) [seqeuence] [map]
p mec-7 GFP-ELKS-1 Cbunc-119 [sequence][map]
NM990 vector [sequence]
pCFJ150 rab3GFPrab3 [sequence][map]
pBSKS(-) aex-4 genomic [sequence][map]
pET24b-APT-4 [sequence][map]
paex-2pCherry-Rim3′ [sequence][map]
pGADT7-unc-10 [sequence][map]
MCS-unc-104-GFP-Cbunc-119 [sequence][map]
NM2645 pCFK355K Pmec-7 mcherry gpd2/3 GFP-RAB-3 [sequence][map]
NM1269 pmec-7 mRFP unc-119 [sequence][map]
pCFJ151 pRAB-3 mcherry MCS unc-10 3’UTR [sequence][map]
pRF9 (rbf-1-GFP) [sequence][map]
sam-4pSAM-4TRFP unc-119 [sequence][map]
pCFJ178 sam-4pSAM-4-TRFP [sequence][map]
NM1860 mcherry-zxy-1 [sequence][map]
NM1874 zyx-1-GFP [sequence][map]
pSAP mec4p GAL4 QFAD [sequence][map]

Cas9 Expression Clones

pHO4D-Cas9Nls (Cas9nls-his6 under control of T7 promoter for bacterial expression) [sequence] [map]
peft-3-cas-9 (a derivative of pDD162 that removes the U6 promoter sgRNA cassette) [sequence][map]

Worm U6 promoter sgRNA expression clones

DR274 U6 (C. elegans U6 promoter with BsaI sites for inserting targets ) [sequence][map]
DR274 U6 FE (C. elegans U6 promoterwith FE modified sgRNA and BsaI site for inserting targets) [sequence][map]

Mammalian Expression Clones

pSY26 (rat synaptogyrin::EGFP under CMV promoter) [sequence] [map]

Zebrafish Clones

pmT hb9s YFP [sequence][map]
pminiTol2 hb9syn YFP-rab3 [sequence][map]
UAS mcs YFP (14 UAS YFP) [sequence][map]
UAS-YFP-zfrab3 (14 UAS YFP-Zebrafish rab3 clone) [sequence] [map]
T2DT : a derivative of T2KSAG with a deletion of the tyrosinase sequences [sequence] [map]
T2DT UAS mcs YFP [sequence][map]
t2-DEST-GAL4VP16: a tol2 and Gateway vector for insertion of promoter in front of GAL4VP16. Derived from T2KSAG[sequence] [map]
pBH UAS YFPrab3 [sequence] [map]
pBH mcs [sequence] [map]
pBH mcs YFP [sequence] [map]
pBH YFP mcs [sequence] [map]
pBH UAS mcs YFP [sequence] [map]
pBH UAS YFP mcs [sequence] [map]
pBH Gtwy YFP [sequence] [map]
pBH mcs YFP Gtwy [sequence] [map]
pBH UAS Gtwy YFP [sequence] [map]
pBH UAS YFP Gtwy [sequence] [map]
pCH mcs [sequence] [map]
pCH mcs G4VP16 [sequence] [map]
pCH mcs G4m [sequence] [map]
pCH Gtwy G4VP16 [sequence] [map]
pCH Gtwy G4m [sequence] [map]
pGH mcs [sequence] [map]
pTAL7  wt Voytas (pTAL3) but with T7 promoter BGH 3’UTR [sequence] [map]
pTAL11 Voytas (?N?C)FokI (DKK) T7 promoter BGH 3’UTR [sequence] [map]
pTAL12 Voytas (?N?C)FokI (REL) T7 promoter BGH 3’UTR [sequence] [map]
pBH 4X UAS YFP mcs [sequence][map]
pBH 4xUAS TagRFP-mito [sequence][map]
pBH 5X UAS YFP mcs [sequence][map]
pmBH hb9s YFintP mcs inaa [sequence][map]
pCH mcs KalTA4GI [sequence][map]

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