This scanner has 32 rings of BGO detector elements and acquires 63 simultaneous slices with 2.4 mm spacing with an axial FOV of 15.5 cm.  Three retractable 68Ge line sources are used for transmission scans. Retractable tungsten septa permit acquisition from all cross planes and fully 3D reconstruction.  Using the factory default settings for sinogram compression, transaxial and axial spatial resolution at slice center are 4.4 mm and 4.2 mm FWHM, respectively, in 2D mode (septa extended) and 4.6 mm and 4.1 mm FWHM in 3D mode (septa retracted).  System sensitivity is 200 kcps/µCi/cc in 2D and 900 kcps/µCi/cc in 3D.  Scatter fraction is 17% in 2D and 33% in 3D. Deadtime correction is accurate to within 5% up to 6 µCi/cc in a 20‑cm uniform phantom in 2D and up to 0.8 µCi/cc in 3D.