The titles of all publications authored by at least one current NIL principal investigator between 1979 and 2021 were used to create a word cloud. Word size corresponds to usage frequency in the publication titles (largest words are most frequently used). 

Neuroimaging Labs Faculty

Hongyu An, PhD: Profile

Beau M. Ances, MD, PhD, MSc: Profile

Tammie L.S. Benzinger, MD, PhD: Profile

Kevin J. Black, MD: Profile

Kelly N. Botteron, MD: Profile

Meghan C. Campbell, PhD: Profile

Alexandre R. Carter, MD, PhD: Profile

Thomas E. Conturo, MD: Profile

Charles Conway, MD: Profile

Nico Dosenbach, MD: Profile

Sarah Eisenstein, PhD: Profile

Brian Gordon, PhD: Profile

Evan Gordon, PhD: Profile

Manu S. Goyal, MD, MSc: Profile

Tamara Hershey, PhD: Profile

Luigi Maccotta, MD, PhD: Profile

Scott Marek, PhD: Profile

Mark McAvoy, PhD: Profile

Scott Norris, MD: Profile

Ben Julian Palanca, MD, PhD, MsC: Profile

Joel S. Perlmutter, MD: Profile

Steven E. Petersen, PhD: Website

John R. Pruett, MD, PhD: Profile

Marcus E. Raichle, MD: Profile

Joshua S. Shimony, MD, PhD: Profile

Avi Z. Snyder, MD, PhD: Profile

Mwiza Ushe, MD: Profile

Andrei Vlassenko, MD, PhD: Profile

Qing Wang, PhD: Profile

Shuo Wang, PhD: Website

Yong Wang, PhD: Profile

Muriah Wheelock, PhD: Profile

Robert L. White, MD, PhD; Profile