Manu S Goyal, MD MSc

Assistant Professor of Radiology and Neurology

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Our laboratory performs multiple studies of brain metabolism across the lifespan, to study how brain metabolism changes with development and aging. This project builds upon our prior work showing that with age, brain metabolism shifts from a mixture of oxidative and non-oxidative metabolism to one dominated by oxidative metabolism alone. We now aim to determine whether preservation of non-oxidative metabolism–aerobic glycolysis–and patterns of more youthful or ‘neotenous‘ brain metabolism predicts slower brain atrophy and less cognitive decline.

These projects are currently driven by two large NIH-funded studies (R01AG053503, R01AG057536) and another smaller study funded by the McDonnell Center for Systems Neuroscience, all aiming to determine how brain metabolism relates to brain development, aging and cognitive decline in 1) cognitively normal adults (ages 35+), in 2) individuals with preclinical (brain amyloid positive) and symptomatic Alzheimer’s disease, and 3) in children ranging in age from 3 years to adulthood.