Joshua S Shimony, MD PhD

Professor of Radiology

Joshua Shimony is a Professor of Neuroradiology and Director of Neuroradiology at Saint Louis Children’s Hospital. Dr. Shimony’s research is conducted within the Neuroimaging Laboratory and focuses on translational applications and development of advanced MR imaging methods.  The focus of our lab has been in the mathematical modeling and application of diffusion tensor MRI (DTI), perfusion MRI (pMRI), and resting state functional MRI (rsfMRI) to various neuropathologies. Recent and ongoing projects in the lab have included: Using rsfMRI for localization of eloquent cortex for pre-surgical planning in patients with brain tumors and epilepsy; Development of improved methods to analyze rsfMRI data with multi-echo sequences; Applications of rsfMRI and DTI methods to the study of prematurely born children for prognostication and improved therapy; Evaluation of the breakdown of the blood brain barrier in patients with brain tumor after ablation therapy in order to optimize chemotherapy treatment. All of these projects present many opportunities for interested trainees to get involved in the data analysis.