Alzheimer’s in adults with Down syndrome focus of multicenter NIH grant




Racial differences in Alzheimer’s research focus of $15 million grant




Brain inflammation in Parkinson’s disease focus of $3.2 million grant




Damien Fair, former NIL trainee, is a MacArthur Foundation Fellow for 2020




Functional boundaries within human subcortex




Previously undetected brain pulses may help circuits survive disuse, injury




Why doesn’t deep-brain stimulation work for everyone?




Congratulations to 2020 Distinguished Faculty Award Recipient Steven E. Petersen, Ph.D.





Children with rare genetic disorder gather for research clinic at Washington University






Dr. Brian Gordon was the recipient of the de Leon Prize in Neuroimaging, New Investigator Category, at the Alzheimer Association International Conference




Scans show women’s brains remain youthful as male brains wind down




MRI scans shows promise in predicting dementia





$3 million to help expand Wolfram Syndrome research






The Underestimated Cerebellum Gains New Respect From Brain Scientists



Tammie Benzinger, M.D., Ph.D. has received two prestigious awards:

2018 Women in Neuroradiology Leadership Award, American Society for Neuroradiology (ASNR)

2018 Distinguished Investigator Award, The Academy for Radiology and Biomedical Imaging Research



Superslow Brain Waves May Play a Critical Role in Consciousness




Brain scans may help diagnose neurological, psychiatric disorders



Congratulations to Dr. Joel Perlmutter and co-PI Zhude (Will) Tu on their new grant entitled “Neuroimaging of PDE10A”, 9/15/2017-8/31/2022



Congratulations to Dr. Marc Raichle and Dr. Andrei Vlassenko on their new R01 entitled “Aerobic Glycolysis in the Development of Alzheimer’s Disease”, 9/1/17-3/31/22




Scientists become research subjects in after-hours brain-scanning project



Washington People: Bradley Schlaggar



Brain network connections may underlie social behavior linked to autism



WashU’s Dr. Beau Ances calls Alzheimer’s a “tsunami” in PBS’ “Alzheimer’s: Every Minute Counts”




$34 million effort aims to image brain from childhood through old age



NIL Leadership Update May 2017






Current NIL member, Marc Raichle MD and former NIL member Randy Buckner, PhD both named as “most influential brain scientists of the modern era”Marcus E. Raichle, MD




Brain Scans of children with Tourette’s offer clues to disorderKevin J. Black, MD



Researchers study children at risk for Tourette syndromeKevin J. Black, MDDeanna Greene, PhD





Washington People: Tamara HersheyTamara Hershey, PhD



Obituary: Morvarid Karimi, assistant professor of neurology, 44





Washington People: Beau AncesBeau Ances, MD, PhD




Schlaggar honored for pediatric research. Bradley L. Schlaggar, MD, PhD



Brain development through adolescence to be focus of national study. Deanna Barch, PhD



Measuring damage to brain networks may aid stroke treatment, predict recovery. Maurizio Corbetta, MDGordon Shulman, PhD


Age, obesity, dopamine appear to influence preference for sweet foods. M. Yanina Pepino PhDTamara Hershey, PhD