NIL Computational Core:                                 


The NIL Computational Core provides free training and/or advice on post-acquisition neuroimaging analyses for the Washington University neuroimaging community. NIL Core activities are supported by the NIL, NIAC and the McDonnell Center for Systems Neuroscience. The Core collaborates with the WU Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (IDDRC), supported by NICHD, which provides additional resources for studies that involve children.

NIL Core Team:

Abraham Z. Snyder, MD, PhD; NIL Core Director
Benjamin A. Seitzman, PhD; NIL Core Assistant Director
Joshua Shimony, MD, PhD; NIL Core Neuroradiologist and IDDRC Neuroimaging Core Director
Jerrel Rutlin, B.S.; Senior Neuroimaging Engineer; NIL Core Analyst
Jon Koller, BME; Senior Neuroimaging Engineer; NIL Core Programmer

Areas of NIL Core expertise:

  • Review of imaging acquisition parameters (MRI, PET)
  • Existing software for MRI and PET data processing
    • FreeSurfer and other FSL tools
    • 4dfp suite of tools
    • Connectome Workbench
  • Analysis of processed MRI and PET data
    • Resting State
    • Diffusion Imaging
      • TBSS
    • SUV measurements for all PET tracers
    • Binding potential estimates for PET tracers with receptor-specific affinities
    • Data visualization
      • MATLAB images
      • Surface images (Connectome Workbench)
    • Evaluation of Incidental Finding on MRI images
      • Radiology clinical evaluation
      • Discussion/Recommendation with team and/or subject

To request a consultation from the NIL Core or ask about other unlisted services, email

Additional IDDRC-related services:

  • Consultation on study design/planning and MRI sequence use and development, and PET development
  • Assistance in MRI data acquisition, PET data acquisition, quality control, and data archiving
  • Assistance in the processing of MRI and PET imaging data

To request IDDRC services, please contact Josh Shimony (