NIL Computer Support Group (Left to Right): Ben Pflanz, Steve Wiese, Matt Hicks, Brian Jenkins.

The Computer Support Group (CSG) provides information technology services and support for the Neuroimaging Lab (NIL) consisting of the following:

  • Hardware and operating system software support
    • Desktop systems (PC, Macintosh, Unix/Linux)
    • Shared and lab specific compute servers
    • Peripherals (scanners, external hard disks, touch screen displays, etc.)
    • Printers
  • Installation and support of network infrastructure
    • High-speed data networks
    • VPN and remote access services
  • Provide licenses and support for shared software
  • Information security services and data protection
  • Purchasing services
  • HIPAA oversight
  • NIL technology liaison with other campus technical groups and committees
  • Construction and repair of specialized hardware and equipment

A description of the Computer Support Group (CSG) that can be used in grant applications can be downloaded here: CSG Grant Information

MIR Shared Storage Facility – ZFS Storage System Description Updated: November 16, 2021 ZFS Information

CSG Full-time Employee (FTE) Reporting Policy Computer Support Group (CSG) Updated: November 16, 2021 CSG FTE Policy

The Computer Support Group (CSG) Contact List can be viewed here: CSG Contact List