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We will use Gradescope for written homework submissions and all homework grading. Find a tutorial on submitting a PDF to Gradescope HERE. To sign up use entry code MV88WW

Getting Python (and Eclipse) ready

We will use Python 2.7 and we will need Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, and NetworkX. All those packages are included in the Anaconda package.  You don’t have to, but you may want to use Eclipse. HERE is a tutorial on how to install Eclipse and PyDev.

Setting up Git

First, go to the GitHub page for your repository (your repository should contain the name of your assignment and the name of your team). Now, you can either follow the instructions under create a new repository on the command line or you can import the repository directly from Eclipse (you do not need to use Eclipse for this course but it is highly recommended). Find instructions on how to setup the git repository in Eclipse HERE (these interactions are from CSE132, but they should be very helpful).

Learning git while playing a game!!


As the code used in the DSCN book is also available as a github repository, you can check it out in the same way as you did for homework 1 using this LINK or cloning the repository from GitHub directly.

Git Help Videos from CSE131

Please, ignore all the cse131 specific parts. Also note that we are using GitHub and not bitbucket.

Using git: loading your repository, making changes, commit/pushing (start watching from minute 1:35)

How to get unstuck if you can’t commit/push:


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