CSE 200 – Engineering and Scientific Computing

Final Exam 11th of Dec 6-8pm

Urbauer 222: last name starts with letter A-N
Urbauer 218: last name starts with letter O-Z
Coding exam. No cheat sheet. SVN repository access. No internet.

This course provides an introduction to numerical methods for scientific computation which are relevant to engineering problems. Topics addressed include interpolation, integration, linear systems, least-squares fitting, nonlinear equations and optimization and initial value problems. Basic procedural programming concepts (procedural and data abstraction, iteration, recursion) will be covered using MATLAB.

Prerequisite: Math 132

Instructor: Marion Neumann
Office: Jolley Hall Room 403

Office Hours: Wednesday 11am-1pm

Please ask any questions related to the course materials and homework problems on Piazza. Other students might have the same questions or are able to provide a quick answer. Any postings of solutions to assignments (in form of source or pseudo code) will result in a grade of zero for that particular problem for ALL students.

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