CSE217a Home (Sp19)

This is an inactive course webpage.

All course information and contents for SP2020 will be available on Canvas.

Labs: TUE 2:30-4pm (Section 1) and 4-5:30pm (Section 2) in Eads 016
Lectures: THU 4-5:30pm in Crow 201

Instructor: Marion Neumann
Office: Jolley Hall Room 222
Contact: Please use Piazza!
Office Hours: THU 3-4pm during lecture weeks, for all other times check announcements above or on Piazza. Individual appointments are possoible (request via email – allow for 2-3 days to reply/schedule).
Please, avoid random drop ins outside my office hours.

Head TA:
Jonathan – manages all Gradescope/Canvas grades –> use Piazza tag grades
Alexis, Amanda, Erik, Harrison, Luxiao, Michael, Steven, Yushu, Zac

TA Office Hours (during lecture weeks):

Monday 4:30-6:30pm in Jolley 431 (Michael and Amanda)
Wednesday 11:30am-1pm in Jolley 431 (Zac)
Friday 4-6pm in Jolley 431 (Steven)
Sunday 4-6pm in Lopata Hall 302 (Erik)

Since this is a pilot offering of a brand new course we appreciate any feedback you have for us! Tell us what you like, don’t like, or could be improved (and how if you have any ideas). Use this Anonymous Feedback Form.


Course Calendar and Reading

Homework Assignments

Grades on Canvas

Resources and HowTos

Piazza (use your wustl email)

Please ask any questions related to the course materials and homework problems on Piazza. Other students might have the same questions or are able to provide a quick answer.
Any public postings of (partial or full) solutions to homework problems (written or in form of source or pseudo code) will result in a grade of zero for that particular problem for ALL students in the course.