Ken & Theresa Murphy

If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong.

Sun Kyung Kim

Transcriptional basis of DC identity 

Feiya Ou

Mechanisms of enhancer switching during DC development

Jing Chen

Role of Zeb2 in cDC1 specification

Suin Jo

Novel factors controlling cross-presentation by cDC1

Xiao Huang

Discovered the -165kb Zeb2 enhancer. Now is a postdoc in NYC.

Marco Gargaro

Function of Ido and Ahr in DC tolerogenicity. Is back in Perugia.

Prachi Bagadia

Mechanism of Id2 in DC1 specification

Role of Klf4 in DC development and function

Tiantian Liu

How does NFIL3 induce cDC1 specification?

Stephen Ferris

licensing of cDC1 by CD4 T cells in anti-tumor responses

Renee Wu

Mechanisms of CD40 licensing in cDC1 in antitumor responses

David Anderson III

 Early DC progenitor development

Kevin O’Connor

Circuits controlling monocyte development

Derek Theisen

Discovered WDFY4 and has moved on to a Postdoc.

Jesse Davidson

Discovered WDFY4 and has moved on to finish surgical training in transplantation.

Vivek Durai

Discovered cryptic enhancers in Irf8 locus and made Xcr1-Cre to study cDC1 licensing by CD4 T cells. Now in residency.

Carlos Briseno

Notch2 in DC2 function, Relb and more. Now very gainfully employed.  

Past Lab members

Gary Grajales
Malay Haldar
Arifumi Iwata
Nicole Kretzer
Roxane Tussiwand
Xiaodi Wu