Educator’s Guide

Multiplied: Edition MAT and the Transformable Work of Art, 1959–1965 brings together more than one hundred works by an international and cross-generational network of artists, many of whom were exploring experimental theater, music, and poetry, and who participated in scientific and philosophical inquiry. In addition to presenting for the first time in the United States the entirety of all three collections of Edition MAT, produced between 1959 and 1965, the exhibition offers ample cross-disciplinary connections between Visual Arts, English Language Arts, Music, Theater, Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies.

The Educator’s Guide is designed as a resource for educators who wish to bring the artworks, themes, and ideas of Edition MAT into the physical or virtual classroom. At the beginning of the guide is a lesson plan that introduces the interpretation of works of art. Each thematic section that follows includes contextual information, discussion prompts, and extension activities that can be adapted for use in the classroom or during a museum visit. This guide is available on the Museum’s website with images and video that can be shared for classroom use. For more information and access to images and video, please email Olivia Mendelson at