PUBLICATION: Some of MT-DIRC’s finest come together to talk participatory implementation

Eight MT-DIRC fellows (along with Mentor Ross Brownson) came together and jointly published the article entitled: Participatory implementation science to increase the impact of evidence-based cancer prevention and control. The article was published in Cancer Causes and Control in February 2018. The Fellow Authors include: Shoba Ramanadhan (2014 cohort), Melinda Davis (2016 cohort), Rebecca Armstrong (2015 cohort), Barbara Baquero (2016 cohort), Jennifer Leng (2015 cohort), Linda Ko (2015 cohort), Ramzi Salloum (2016 cohort), and Nicole Vaughn (2016 cohort).

Their work highlights “the utility of participatory implementation science for cancer prevention and control research and addresses (a) the spectrum of participatory research approaches that may be of use, (b) benefits of participatory implementation science, and (c) key considerations for researchers embarking on such projects.”

To access the article, click here.

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