PUBLICATION: Saint-Maurice’s study on exercise featured in TIME

MT-DIRC 2017 fellow Pedro Saint-Maurice’s recent JAMA Network Open article “Association of Leisure-Time Physical Activity Across the Adult Life Course With All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality” has reached the general public audience through write up’s in media outlets such as TIME and Popular Science. Reaching the audience that the research is intended to help is a researcher’s dream come true! Congrats Pedro!

Excerpt from the TIME article write up:

“Given the many health benefits of exercise, that’s not shocking. But Saint-Maurice was surprised when he looked at people who were not active when they were younger, but who increased their exercise levels after their 40s beyond levels they had when they were younger. They also showed declines in their risk of dying early that were similar to those of people who exercised consistently throughout their lives — a drop of 32% to 35% compared to people who didn’t exercise. Drops in heart disease and cancer risk were similar to the steady exercisers, too. For these people as well, those who increased their exercise levels the most saw the greatest benefits.”

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