Anne Sales, PhD, RN

Dr. Sales is a Professor and the Associate Chair for Health System Innovations in the Department of Learning Health Sciences, University of Michigan Medical School. She is also a Research Scientist at the Center for Clinical Management Research at the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System. Her training is in sociology, health economics, econometrics, and general health services research.  Her current work involves theory-based design of implementation interventions, including understanding how feedback reports affect provider behavior and through behavior change have an impact on patient outcomes, the role of social networks in implementation interventions, and effective implementation methods using electronic health records. She has completed over 40 funded research projects, and currently leads a VA Quality Enhancement Research Initiative Program focused on implementing goals of care conversations in VA long term care settings. She was co-Editor-in-Chief of Implementation Science, together with Michel Wensing of Heidelberg University in Germany, from 2012 to 2019, and now is founding co-Editor-in-Chief of Implementation Science Communications. A full bibliography is available here.