PUBLICATION: Perry’s implementation strategies article in ImpSci

Cindy Perry, PhD of the 2014 MT-DIRC cohort was first author of the recently published work in Implementation Science titled: Specifying and comparing implementation strategies across seven large implementation interventions: a practical application of theory. Dr. Perry's finding's suggest possible revisions to implementation strategies to make them more usable in "real-work",  "on-the-ground" dissemination and implementation efforts. […]

PUBLICATION: Saint-Maurice’s study on exercise featured in TIME

MT-DIRC 2017 fellow Pedro Saint-Maurice's recent JAMA Network Open article "Association of Leisure-Time Physical Activity Across the Adult Life Course With All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality" has reached the general public audience through write up's in media outlets such as TIME and Popular Science. Reaching the audience that the research is intended to help is a researcher's dream […]

GRANT: Ellis awarded NIH P20 subproject on adoption

2016 MT-DIRC Fellow Shellie Ellis, MA, PhD was recently awarded an NIH P20 subproject titled Implementing Precision Medicine: Determinants of Adoption in Community Oncology. It is a 3-year project to better understand precision medicine use and determinants of innovation adoption in oncology more broadly. 2014 MT-DIRC Fellow Sarah Birken, PhD is also contributing to this grant […]

PODCAST: Birken launches new Podcast about women in academia

2014 MT-DIRC fellow Sarah Birken is co-hosting AcaDames, a podcast about women in academia. A full description follows. You can find AcaDames wherever you get your podcasts (e.g., iTunes, Google Play), or on our website, and you can follow us on Twitter @AcaDamesPodcast. We hope that you’ll listen, send your feedback, and share with AcaDames of […]

NEW POSITION: Shoba Ramanadhan Accepts Position with HSPH

Shoba Ramanadhan ScD, MPH will begin as Assistant Professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences) in July 2019! Shoba says: "I am really excited about building my own program.  I really feel that participating in the [MT-DIRC] program gave me confidence in what I bring to the table […]