GRANT: Salloum Awarded Funding to Address Tobacco Smoke Exposure

Ramzi Salloum, PhD (2016 Cohort) was recently awarded a grant from the James and Esther King Biomedical Research Program entitled “Clinically-Efficient Strategies to Address Tobacco Smoke Exposure in Pediatric Practice.”

The grant will assess the feasibility and efficacy of a scalable, automated EHR tool for tobacco screening and counseling, along with provider training on best practices, among diverse clinics in the OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium. Using an NCI-designated Research Tested Intervention Program (RTIP), an innovative EHR-based process that confidentially screens parents pre- or in-visit for the use of tobacco and nicotine products was developed and piloted. The PCP receives the screening results in the EHR to enable counseling in addition to EHR-based referral to cessation services. 

Specific aims are to: (1) Determine the feasibility of a parental tobacco control intervention combining EHR and provider training features to implement in a group randomized trial of 6 clinics. The primary outcome for feasibility is patient reach (i.e., receipt of the intervention) and the secondary outcome will be abstinence from tobacco use at 6 months; (2) Identify the predictors of patient reach among parents who are tobacco users. Potential predictors include patient sociodemographic factors and other health risk behaviors; and (3) Measure variability in implementation outcomes and identify whether implementation is moderated by practice and provider factors including provider self-efficacy, practice capacity for change and adaptive reserve, and clinic level patient social characteristics.

Congratulations Ramzi!!!!

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