The goal of the MT-DIRC program was to provide and assess the first of its kind, Mentored Training for Dissemination and Implementation Research in Cancer at Washington University in St. Louis.

Much was accomplished during the tenure of the training program, and to spread the learnings, all resources developed for and/or as a part of this project are posted on this website. This is now our main goal- sharing stellar resources with the wider D&I community.

Program History

This NCI/NIH R25 education program was uniquely positioned to build capacity in D&I research in cancer prevention and control. The program applied state-of-the-art training methods to build capacity in post-doctoral researchers. The work of the faculty and fellows in this program are significant because it addressed cancer risk factors and populations with high burden, where intervention knowledge on evidence-based programs and policies (EBPPs) is substantial, yet not commonly applied, and where a large reduction in cancer mortality is feasible if this knowledge were more widely taken up into practice and policy.

The R25 program was significantly restructured in 2016 and this program will not be renewed under the R25 mechanism. Currently we are not recruiting future cohorts. Please check back for updates.


Program Manager: Rebekah Jacob, MSW, MPH

Principal Investigator (PI): Ross C. Brownson, PhD


National Cancer Institute, 1 R25 CA171994-01A1

Project Partners

Veterans Administration & Cancer Research Network

Training Program Project Dates