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Keynote Speakers

Sean Morrison, PhD

UT Southwestern Medical Center

Mechanisms controlling stem cell self renewal and aging in the adult skeleton.

Vicki Rosen, PhD

Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Understanding the physiological roles that BMPs play in the development, maintenance, and repair of musculoskeletal tissues. 

Session 1 – Stem Cells and Skeletal Repair

Matthew Greenblatt, MD, PhD

Weill Cornell Medical College

Discovering molecular pathways that regulate the activity of osteoblasts.

Celine Colnot, PhD

Institut des Maladies Genetiques

Origins and functions of skeletal stem cells in bone regeneration.

Session 2 – Mechanisms of Regeneration

Ken Muneoka PhD

Texas A&M University

Enhancing regenerative capabilities of mammalian joints and limbs.

Bruno Peault, PhD


Prospective identification, purification, and functional characterization of multi-lineage stem cells present in human adult organs and tissues.

Session 3 – Translational Approaches in Regenerative Medicine

Warren Grayson, PhD

Johns Hopkins

Engineering functional craniofacial and orthopaedic constructs for use in therapeutic applications.

David Brogan, MD

Washington University Medical Center

Nerve regeneration, identifying ways to increase the probability of nerve healing by way of imaging, 3D printing, and surgical treatment.

Session 4 – Engineering Tissue Repair

Stephanie Bryant, PhD

University of Colorado

Novel scaffolds and mechanical inputs to create engineered cartilage.

Nenad Bursac, PhD

Duke University

Engineered models of skeletal muscle.

Session 5 – Systemic Influences on Repair and Regeneration

Philipp Leucht, MD, PhD

New York University

Molecular mechanisms of bone development, fracture healing, and regeneration.


Benjamin Levi, MD

University of Michigan

Elucidating the mechanistic pathways involved in heterotopic ossification.

Jie Shen, PhD

Washington University Medical Center

Cartilage, bone repair, skeletal development, cancer and inflammatory diseases of bone.