I60-175: Designing Creativity (Interdisciplinary Course)

Designing Creativity is a course that will explore the study and practice of the creative process across many disciplines with input from prominent thinkers and practitioners in the areas of medicine, neuroscience, law, engineering, architecture, human-centered design, business, stage design, and the performing arts.

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Drama 311M: Scenic Design

An introduction to the process of scene design, as it relates to aesthetics, dramatic literature, collaboration and production. Projects involve design conceptualization, documentation, graphics and realization. 

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Drama 450: Advanced Scenic Design

Advanced projects in scene design including drafting, rendering, model building, and conception. 

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I60-100 Beyond Boundaries Program Seminar

This seminar course is designed to spark academic, personal, and professional development through interdisciplinary lectures, collaboration, and ideation exercises. The interactive nature of the seminar will give students opportunities to experience salon-type discussions, frequent reflection, and synthesis. Each unit of the course will feature engaging panels of renowned university faculty across many schools and disciplines. Knowledge gained from this course is intended to contribute to a more rewarding and exploratory college experience (academically, and socially!) over the next four years.

Drama 212: Intro to Theatre Production

This class is an introductory study of the major elements involved with mounting a theatrical production.  Topics range from scenic, costume, make-up, and lighting design to production organization, management and procedures. 

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Drama 135: Ideation: Idea Generation

Through collaboration and conversations with classmates, readings on the topic, and group exercises, Ideation is a course that will build upon learning and techniques begun in Designing Creativity.