Damselflies of Missouri

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Subphylum: Hexapoda Class: Insecta  Order: Odonata Suborder: Zygoptera Identification Like dragonflies, damselflies have two sets of wings. What sets them apart is that all four wings of the damselfly are identical in shape and are wider at the tip, they also taper inward where they connect to the body (think of a teardrop shape). The most obvious […]

Biogeography of Missouri

Find out more about the geographical distribution of flora and fauna across the Show Me state.

Geology in Missouri

Dig beneath the surface and discover Missouri’s rich geological history of volcanic calderas.

Biodiversity in Missouri

Case studies of three common Missouri species that emphasize the importance of the state’s biodiversity.

Trapping in Missouri

Comprehensive summaries of two articles about trapping from the Missouri Conservationist journal.

Restoring Pollinators

An overview of the pollinator deficiency and a call for the agribusiness industry’s restoration of natural ecosystems.

Mining in Southeast Missouri

Learn more about the history, processes, regulatory controls, environmental effects, and facilities of Missouri mining.

The Great Flood of 1993

Information on the impact of one of the most costly and devastating floods in United States history.

Elk in Missouri

Elk lived in Missouri until 1865. Nearly 150 years after their extirpation, citizens began pushing for their restoration.

Glades of Missouri

Everything you need to know about these rocky island ecosystems featuring unique flora and fauna.

Butterflies of Missouri

A general introduction to major butterfly groups, appearances, food plants and habitats in Missouri.

Winter Birds in Missouri

A guide to birds that migrate to Missouri’s freshwater marshes, lakes, ponds, rivers, tundra, fields, and woods.

Freshwater Mussels of Missouri

Freshwater mussel history, life cycle, reproduction, biology, habitat, shell characteristics, conservation, and more.

Orthoptera of Missouri

A guide to Orthoptera, an order of insects that includes grasshoppers, crickets, and katydids.

Hawn State Park’s Pickle Creek

Everything you need to know about this 58-acre section of a 4,953-acre state park in southeastern Missouri.

Bats of Missouri

A guide to some of the fourteen species of bats currently found in the state of Missouri.

Arrow Rock Village

A review of Arrow Rock village, a National Historic Landmark located in Saline County near the Missouri River.

Caves of Missouri

A guide to understanding the Missouri Ozark caves.

Bees of Missouri

A guide to the various bee families, genera, and species of Missouri

Owls of Missouri

A guide to the eight species of owls that live in or visit Missouri.

Salamanders in Missouri

A guide to the different species of salamanders at Missouri.