Molecular Imaging Center

The Molecular Imaging Center (MIC) provides state-of-the-art bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging for Washington University and the research community. We provide a technically qualified team to support any molecular and optical imaging needs.


Optical imaging and biophotonics research uses light to interrogate cellular and molecular function in the living body. A variety of preclinical optical imaging systems are available for use at the MIC:

  • 3D Bioluminescence and 3D fluorescence optical tomography (transillumination)
    – Integrated optical and microCT technology
    – 3D optical tomography for fluorescence and bioluminescence
  • Spectral Unmixing & Multispectral fluorescence 
    – discrete filters from 490 –850 nm
  • Cerenkov imaging for optical radiotracer imaging
  • Near Infrared Imaging (NIR) capabilities for in vivo & ex vivo
  • 2D Fluorescence and Bioluminescence imaging both in vivo & ex vivo
  • 3D Fluorescence tomography for deep tissue imaging to quantitate fluorophores
  • Optoacoustic in vivo small animal imaging system


  • The MIC provides the services and instruments for fluorescence, bioluminescence, and optoacoustic imaging needs.
  • To set up an imaging session or learn more about the resources provided contact Julie Prior or Rui Tang
The Molecular Imaging Center is located in the Biophotonics Research Center (BRC) in Couch Biomedical Research Building