Nature Immunology Set Featuring Enhancing Interferon Signaling

The Holtzman Lab studies the role of respiratory viruses in causing acute and chronic disease, focusing on antiviral immune responses as pathways for pathogenesis and targets for drug discovery. We apply a multidisciplinary and translational approach to study cellular and mouse models as well as human subjects.

We have shown that viral immunity depends on a special network of innate immune-response genes in host cells of the airway epithelial barrier, and we have focused on this network as a drug target for antiviral therapy. In particular, we have engineered the interferon-signaling pathway to better control viral replication and have applied this strategy to new and emergent viruses in cell and animal models. 

New Method to Isolate Lung Stem Cells

The Holtzman Lab has recently found a new method for isolating lung stem cells with the capacity to form “organoids” caputured here with using 2-photon intravital microscopy. These stem cells provide a therapeutic strategy for lung repair and regeneration.

Proliferating stem cells marked in green

Alveolar type 2 cells marked in green

Scientific Photos

Submucosal Gland

Pig Airway



IPF Lung Mucus

Differential Counts