Photos of meteorites in the Washington University collection

Sayh al Uhaymir 546 cumulate eucrite

Our Department does not have an extensive collection of meteorites. Below are photos of some larger or unusual meteorites that are in the collection or that we have classified and are now at other institutions. All photos by Randy Korotev.

Seminole (f) (H5 chondrite) photo 

Jilin (H5 chondrite) photo

MacAlpine Hills 88108 (H5 chondrite) 3 photos

Dawn (a) (H6 chondrite) photo

Northwest Africa 869 (L3-6 chondrite) photo

Harper Dry Lake 036 (L6 chondrite) photo

Northwest Africa 1839 (L7 chondrite) photo

Murchison (CM2 chondrite) photo

Allende (CV3 chondrite) 2 photos

Northwest Africa 2788 (primitive achondrite)  2 photos

Graves Nunataks 06128 and 06129 (ungrouped achondrite) 2 photos

Northwest Africa 7496 (polymict eucrite) 4 photos

Dhofar 007 (cumulate eucrite) 1 photo

Sayh al Uhaymir 562 (cumulate eucrite) 3 photos

Northwest Africa 6072 (granulitic eucrite) 5 photos

Northwest Africa 6073 (howardite) 4 photos

Northwest Africa 6074 (polymict diogenite) 3 photos

Northwest Africa 2999 (angrite) photo