Meteorites from Missouri

Twenty-four meteorites have been found in Missouri.  The first, Little Piney, was an observed fall in 1839. The most recent, Licking, was found in 2015.  Nine have been iron meteorites, eleven stony meteorites, three (Conception Junction, Milton, and Mincy) stony-irons.  Seven are falls – they were found shortly after they fell.  The other 16, including all the irons, are finds – they fell at an unknown time and were found later.  The Warrenton meteorite is an unusual type, a CO chondrite, and Milton is a unique pallasite.

The following information was taken mainly from the Catalogue of Meteorites (2000) edited by Monica Grady and published by The Natural History Museum of London and the Meteoritical Bulletin Database of the Meteoritical Society.

Map of Missouri meteorite finds and falls. Red “I” = iron, “OC” = ordinary chondrite. (Courtesy of the Meteoritical Bulletin Database and Google Earth). Meteorites are named after the place that they fell or were found. Most of the meteorite names below correspond to small towns in Missouri.