Meteorites from Illinois

Map of Illinois meteorite finds and falls. (Courtesy of the Meteoritical Bulletin Database and Google Earth)

Ten meteorites have been found in Illinois. The following information was taken mainly from the Catalogue of Meteorites (2000) edited by Monica Grady and published by The Natural History Museum of London and the Meteoritical Bulletin Database of the Meteoritical Society.

fall or
type class group fall or find
year anecdote
Benld 1.77 fall stone ordinary chondrite H6 Macoupin Co. 1938 One mass of 1770.5 g fell through a garage roof.
Bloomington 0.068 fall stone ordinary chondrite LL6 McClean Co. 1938 Two interlocking fragments of total weight 67.8g were found the morning after they were thought to have fallen on the back porch a residence in Bloomington.
Elizabeth 0.732 find iron IAB ungrouped Jo Davies Co. 1950s The specimen was purchased by an anonymous collector in August 2010 at an estate sale in Elizabeth, Illinois, with an assortment of other unrelated artifacts. The deceased original owner reportedly found it on his local farm in the 1950s.
Havana ? find iron fine octahedrite IIICD or IAB Mason Co. prehistoric Two beads of meteoritic iron were found in a Native American mound.
Marengo 0.068 find stone ordinary chondrite L6 McHenry Co. 1991 One stone of 68 g was found among rock piles on the side of a cultivated farm field.
Park Forest 18 fall stone ordinary chondrite L5 Cook Co. 2003 A bright fireball was seen by numerous observers in parts of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Ohio around midnight of March 26, 2003. Numerous stones fell, mostly concentrated in the area of the village of Park Forest. At least two houses in Park Forest were struck, as was the Fire Station. Dozens of other stones or fragments of stones were recovered in the area in the hours and days following the fall. Total mass recovered is more than 18 kg, largest stone ~3 kg in possession of finder.
Saint Augustine 22 find iron ? IID Knox Co. 1974 A 22 kg (49 lb) iron meteorite and a second mass that was subsequently lost were found by a farmer while he was digging fence-post holes.
Tilden 74.8 fall stone ordinary chondrite L6 Randolph Co. 1927 Three stones fell, 110 lb (49.9 kg), 46 lb (20.9 kg), and 9 lb (4.1 kg).
Toulon 1.215 find stone ordinary chondrite H5 Stark Co. 1962 Five fragments, which could be fitted together and totaling 1214.5g, were found on farmland.
Woodbine 48.2 find iron fine octahedrite IAB Jo Davies Co. 1953 One mass of 48.2 kg was discovered by a farmer while plowing.
The following object is listed in the Catalogue because it has been mentioned in the literature, but it has been shown to be a terrestrial rock, not be a real meteorite.
South Dixon 3.55 find Lee Co. 1947 A mass of 3550g was found. The locality of the find is given as South Dixon, Illinois; this was not traced, but is probably a suburb of Dixon, Lee County. Gabbroic.