Lunar Meteorite: Yamato 793274 & 981031

Paired stones

Yamato 793274 (8.7). Photo credit: Takeda et al., 1991
Two views of Yamato 091031 (186 g). Photo credit: Randy Korotev
Lab samples of Yamato 981031. The black lines are spaced 2.5 mm apart.  Photo credit: Ryan Zeigler

Yamato 793274 (Y-793274)

Yamato Mountains, Antarctica
Found: 1980 January 3
Mass: 8.7 g (1 piece)

Yamato 981031 (Y-981031)

Yamato Mountains, Antarctica
Found: 1998 December or 1999 January
Mass: 185.8 g (1 piece)

Randy Says…

The Yamato 793274/983885 pairs are anorthosite-bearing (white clasts in photos), basaltic breccias. They are likely launch pairs with QUE 94281, DEW 12007NWA 4884, the NWA 7611 clan, and possibly EET 87521/96008. See NWA 7611-clan for more details.

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Yamato 793274 | 981031

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