Lunar Meteorite: Shişr 160

Shişr 160 in the field. Photo credit: Mike Farmer
Same side, up close. Photo credit: Heritage Auctions
Facing slices of Shişr 160. Photo credit: Heritage Auctions
Another slice of Shişr 160. Photo credit: Heritage Auctions
A different slice of Shişr 160. Photo credit: Dolores Hill and Ted Bunch
Lab sample of Shişr 160. Photo credit: Randy Korotev

from The Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 95

Shişr 160

Find: 15 January 2008
Mass: 100.86 g, 1 piece

Achondrite (lunar, feldspathic fragmental breccia)

Petrography: (Ted Bunch, NAU) Fa: 25.8–53.2; Fs: 43.3; Wo: 4

Type specimen: 20.1 NAU/Bunch Main Mass: DPitt.

Randy Says…

Compositionally,  Shişr 160 is a typical feldspathic lunar meteorite. None of the 4 Shişr lunar meteorites is paired with another.

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Shişr 160


Schematic Map of  Find Locations of  Lunar Meteorite from Oman


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All Korotev data on Omani lunar meteorites.

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