Lunar Meteorite: NWA unnamed 004

northwestern Africa

Four views of unnamed 004 (26 g). The width is about 3 cm. On the left side of the right photo, note how fusion crust glass has accumulated on the trailing side. Photo credit: anonymous

End cut of (0.67-g ) unnamed 004, about 1 centimeter across. Photo credit: anonymous

Lab sample of unnamed 004. Photo credit: Randy Korotev

Randy Says…

I first saw this little meteorite in 2006 and do not know where it is now. I’m fond of it because it is oriented and compositionally unique. Despite the numerous light-colored clasts, the rock is rather mafic (11.5 % FeO and 36 ppm Sc) because it  likely contains mare basalt. Compositionally, there is no hint of KREEP (1.7 ppm Sm. I hope this one turns up in an auction some day.

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