Lunar Meteorite: Northwest Africa 14338

from The Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 110

Northwest Africa 14338 (NWA 14338)

(Northwestern Africa)
Purchased: 2019 March
Mass: 7.6 g (1 piece)

Lunar meteorite (fragmental breccia)

History: Donated by Fayssal Merzoughi in March 2019.

Physical characteristics: 7.6 g gray stone without fusion crust.

Petrography: (R. Bartoschewitz, Bart) Fragmental breccia of lithic (mainly gabbroic) and mineral clasts (pyroxene, olivine, feldspar). Minor phases are chromite, ilmenite, FeS and metal.

Geochemistry: (R. Bartoschewitz, Bart, P. Appel and B. Mader, Kiel) Olivine Fa25.3(19.0-36.5; Fe/Mn 66-116; n=10); poor Ca-pyroxene Fs22.2Wo2.7 (FeO/MnO 52; n=1); pigeonite En69-70Fs20-24Wo7-11 (Fe/Mn 45-52; n=4); anorthite An92.8-97.1Or<0.3 (n=12); chromite CRAL=70-85, FFM=65-84 (n=6). Ilmenite MgO=6 wt% (n=2); kamacite Ni=2.9-6.7, Co=1.5-0.5 wt% (n=5). Magnetic susceptibility (R. Bartoschewitz, Bart) log χ (× 10-9 m3/kg) = 2.64.

Classification: lunar meteorite (fragmental breccia).

Specimens: 1.66 g on deposit at Kiel, Bart holds the main mass and a polished thin section.

Randy Says…

I have not studied Northwest Africa 14338. It may be paired with one of the other basaltic of gabbroic breccias.

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