Lunar Meteorite: Northwest Africa 14134

from The Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 110

Northwest Africa 14134 (NWA 14134)

Tindouf, Algeria
Purchased: 2021
Mass: 324 g (1 piece)

Lunar meteorite (feldspathic breccia)

History: (C. Muñecas, Expometeoritos) One piece was found near Tindouf. The meteorite was eventually purchased by Chong Yaw Ong from Carlos Muñecas and Adrian Contreras.

Physical characteristics: The sample has a weathered orange exterior devoid of fusion crust. A cut face shows the interior has a brecciated texture composed of abundant igneous-textured clasts.

Petrography: Description and classification (A. Love, App) Sample is a polymict fragmental breccia composed of fine-coarse-grained lithic and mineral clasts. Lithic fragments are basalt, gabbro, anorthosite, brecciated clasts, impact melt clasts, and spherulitic plagioclase clasts. Additional Minerals are: Si polymorphs, chromite, ilmenite, phosphates, troilite, FeNi metal grains and secondary calcite.

Geochemistry: (A. Love, App) Olivine Fa27.7±10.9, Fe/Mn=73-99, n=24; low-Ca pyroxene Fs23.4±8.0Wo3.4±1.2, Fe/Mn=48-59, n=8; pigeonite Fs29.9±5.1Wo10.9±3.6, Fe/Mn=46-49, n=8; high-Ca Pyroxene Fs16.5±4.0Wo40.6±3.2, Fe/Mn=31-55, n=9; plagioclase An96.5±1.8Or0.4±0.3, n=17.

Classification: Lunar achondrite (feldspathic breccia M-S3 low weathering) Based on textures and mineral compositions (Fe/Mn ratios for Olivine and pyroxene and An content of plagioclase) sample is a polymict feldspathic breccia.

Specimens: Chong Yaw Ong holds the main mass. A polished thin section, two slices, an end cut and several small fragments comprise the 24.68 g type specimen which are on deposit at App.

Randy Says…

I have not studied NWA 14134. It may be another stone of the NWA 8046 clan.

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