Lunar Meteorite: Dhofar 1769

I found the 5 photos above of Dhofar 1769 on ebay. This is an extraordinary appearing lunar meteorite. Photo credits: anonymous owner
Lab sample of Dhofar 1767. The large clast on the right is an impact-melt breccia. Photo credit: Randy Korotev

from The Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 104

Dhofar 1769

Zufar, Oman
Found: 2012 October 28
Mass: 125.4 g (1 piece)

Classification: Lunar meteorite

History: A single stone was found by an anonymous finder Oct. 28, 2012

Petrography: (A. Bischoff, M. Weyrauch, H. Haack) The anorthositic highland breccia contains clasts up to 1 cm, which are mainly anorthositic lithologies and crystalline impact melt breccias. It also contains glassy fragments, some of which are highly vesicular, veins, and impact spherules (mostly devitrified) embedded in a fine-grained, clastic matrix. The spherules indicate an origin at the lunar surface. Accessory minerals: ilmenite (abundant), troilite, FeNi metal (rare), and zircon (very rare).

Geochemistry: SEM-EDS-analyses revealed that plagioclase in the bulk rock is anorthitic with a mean of An93.4±5.1 (total range: An70-97; n = 32). Olivine is highly variable in composition Fo20-60 (mean: Fo40±9; n = 16; Fe/Mn = approx. 110 (EDS)). Low-Ca pyroxene also shows variable composition with Fs20-58En29-77Wo2.5-15 (mean: Fs37.5±10En54.6±10Wo7.8±3.3; n = 28; Fe/Mn = approx. 60 (EDS). Some analyzed Ca-pyroxenes have Fs18-34En28-45Wo33-41. The meteorite is moderately weathered.

Classification: Lunar meteorite (anorthositic breccia)

Specimens: 20 g at NHMD; main mass with anonymous finder.

Randy Says…

Dhofar 1769 is a moderately KREEP-rich, feldspathic lunar meteorite somewhat similar to Apollo 16 soil in composition.

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