Lunar Meteorite: Dhofar 1442

Two sides of a slice of Dhofar 1442. Photo credit: Randy Korotev

from The Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 95

Dhofar 1442

Find: 2005
Mass: 106.5 g (5 pieces)

Lunar (KREEP-rich? impact melt breccia)

History: This meteorite was found in the desert of Oman.

Physical characteristics: Five brownish to dark green stones weighing 106.5 g in total, with no fusion crust were located within two meters of each other.

Petrography (Ivanova M. A., Lorenz C. A., and Nazarov M. A., Vernad): This meteorite is an impact melt breccia containing lithic clasts, mineral fragments, glassy spherules, granulites and melt breccias embedded in a fine-grained melt matrix. The breccia is polymict; matrix/clasts ratio varies from sample to sample of the meteorite. The lithic clast population includes anorthosites, gabbros, olivine gabbronorites, gabbro-norites and norites. KREEPy and mare basalt clasts are present. The size range of the clasts is 0.02–8 mm; major minerals are pyroxene and feldspar; minor minerals are olivine, silica, chromite, ilmenite, Ca-phosphate, troilite and FeNi metal.

Geochemistry (Ivanova M. A. and Kononkova N. N. (Vernad): Feldspar is An73–96Ab3.7–24.8; clinopyroxene En2.6–69.5Wo5.6–42.8 (Fe/Mn = 64 at.), orthopyroxene En60.8–77.1Wo1.2–4.1 (Fe/Mn = 69 at.), olivine Fo39.9–72.2 (Fe/Mn = 93 at.); ilmenite (MgO 5.5 wt%); FeNi metal (Ni 8.0 wt%; Co 0.6 wt%). Average glassy matrix composition (wt%): SiO2 49.6; TiO2 1.76; Al2O3 17.4; Cr2O3 0.20; FeO 10.7; MnO 0.15; MgO 7.16; CaO 11.1; Na2O 0.88; K2O 0.76; P2O5 0.84.

Classification: Lunar (KREEP-rich impact melt breccia) with minor weathering.

Type specimens: A total of 21.8 g and two thin sections are on deposit at Vernad. An anonymous buyer holds the main mass of the meteorite.

Randy Says…

Dhofar 1442 is described above as containing glassy spherules. By definition, the rock is therefore a regolith breccia, not an impact-melt breccia (Stöffler et al., 1980).

Dhofar 1442 has higher concentrations of geochemically incompatible elements (K, P, Zr, REE, Th, U, etc.) than any lunar meteorite except SaU 169. It also has higher concentrations of incompatible elements than any lunar regolith sample, Apollo or meteorite.

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