Lunar Meteorite: Dhofar 490 & 1084 (paired stones)


Dhofar 1084 in the field. Photo credit: Siegfried Beutel

Two sides of Dhofar 1084. Image credit: Norbert Classen

A 1.2-g slice of Dhofar 490 (left) and a 2.1-g slice of Dhofar 1084 (right). Image credit: Norbert Classen

Two sides of a lab sample of Dhofar 490. Image credit: Randy Korotev

Lab samples of Dhofar 1084. Image credit: Randy Korotev

from The Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 87

Dhofar 490

Found: 2001 March 17
Mass: 34.05 g  (1 piece)

Lunar meteorite (anorthositic fragmental breccia) 

A dark grey, crusted stone weighing 34.05 g was found in the Dhofar region of Oman.

Classification and mineralogy (A. Greshake, MNB and M. Kurz, Kurz): meteorite is an anorthositic fragmental breccia consisting of clasts of various lithologies embedded into a glassy, partly devitrified fine-grained matrix; the clast size is generally below 3 mm; vesicles are abundant; feldspar: An96.0-99.3; pyroxene: Fs11.5-35.7Wo8.2-44.9 and olivine: Fa30.6-50.0; augites dominate over Ca-poor pyroxenes and often contain pigeonite exsolution lamellae; accessory phases are Fe-Ni metal and ilmenite; crystalline fragments include microporphyritic impact melt breccias, intersertal impact melt clasts, gabbroic anorthosites, and large feldspar; no mare basalt clasts and no glass spherules have been identified; feldspar generally shows pronounced undulatory extinction and sometimes mosaicism indicating strong shock metamorphism; the meteorite is moderately weathered; gypsum, celestite and calcite occur in cracks and holes; Dhofar 490 may be paired with Dhofar 280 since they were found nearby* and have similar mineralogical characteristics; specimens: 7 g and one thin section, MNB; main mass with anonymous finder.

from The Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 88 (Table 5)

Dhofar 1084

  lunar rock type date found mass
of pieces
An Fa Fs
Dhofar 908 breccia ? Jan 2003 245 9 93-99 31±9 27±7.5
Dhofar 909 breccia 2 Feb 2003 3.9 1 94-98 26.5±5 24±5
Dhofar 910 breccia   142 1 94-100 34±9 30±7
Dhofar 911 breccia   194 9 93-98 26±3 22±5
Dhofar 1084   10 Apr 2003
4 Oct 2003*
90 1 92-98 43±5 30±9
Dhofar 1085   1 Oct 2003 197 4 93-99 34±10 31±8

* fide: Siegfried Beutel.

Randy Says…

*The reported find locations of Dhofar 490/1084 and Dhofar 081/280/910 are separated by 76 km; the meteorites are not paired.

Compositionally, Dhofar 490/1084 is a typical feldspathic lunar meteorite. My samples of both meteorites are contaminated with terrestrial calcium (calcite, gypsum) to a greater extent than any other lunar meteorite from Oman.

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Schematic Map of  Find Locations of  Lunar Meteorite from Oman


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