Glassy & Vesicular = Slag

Meteorite Realities

After iron oxide concretions and nodules, the most common type of “meteorwrong” that we encounter is industrial slag. I can’t be certain that all the objects in the photos below are, in fact, man-made slags. A few may be natural volcanic rocks, but none of them are meteorites. None have fusion crusts! Curiously, quite a few of the rocks that people describe as “it wasn’t there yesterday” look like slags to me.

Since 2014, a disturbed man from Sweden has sent me more than 10,000 pictures like these of rocks he claims to be from the Moon. They are all accompanied by words like “THE WORLD’S OUTSTANDING MOST BEAUTIFUL genuine Lunar breccia meteorite SWE2003 with gold fusion crust,” or “You will NOT find such genuine anorthositic rich extreme Lunar meteorites with rare green, gold and dark beautiful fusion crust on the Washington Lunar list and you can also see Mini-Moon spherules, untouched and not sliced!” None of these things are meteorites of any kind. They are junk.