Find the Meteorite

Find the meteorite
Rocks from Meteorite Moraine near Lewis Cliff, Antarctica

I took this photo in Antarctica in 1989 at a place known as Meteorite Moraine near Mt. Achernar and Lewis Cliff, the collection site of the Lewis Cliff (LEW) meteorites.  Like all glacial moraines, Meteorite Moraine contains a variety of rock types.  However, unlike most moraines, Meteorite Moraine contains a rather high proportion of meteorites. When I took the photo, I knew that there were at least two meteorites in the photo.  I think I still remember which ones they are.  The problem is that one of the terrestrial rocks that is common in the area, weathered samples of the Ferrar dolerite, somewhat resembles an ordinary chondrite with a fusion crust.  Also, there were coal beds in Lewis Cliff, and from a distance a chunk of coal looks a bit like a meteorite (up close, there was no way to mistake coal for a meteorite). Answer below.

This photo contains a variety of objects that I found on the ice while searching for meteorites, a few of which are also in the photo above. Only one is a meteorite.  Answer below.