Iron-oxide concretions and nodules 3

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Hematite often forms coatings on other rocks.
Here are two views of a thick rind of hematite on a rock (sawn face on right).
A most excellent example of a hematite coating precipitated onto a host rock. Thanks, Daniel.
All 8 of these hematite concretions were found in the country of Georgia.
All of these are all from China.
I found this photo on e-bay. The rock was offered for sale as “0.8 lb Meteorite Specimen from Nandan, China!” The “Buy It Now” price was $295. It looks like a hematite concretion to me. Many hematite concretions start out as masses of cubic pyrite (iron sulfide) crystals that oxidize to hematite (iron oxide). That’s what this one looks like.
From somewhere in Europe
Four from Peru