Steve Mennerick

I enjoy working with trainees, staff, and collaborators to advance projects that will yield new information about neuronal communication and that will spur insight into health and disease.

Min-Yu Sun

I’m studying the role of GABA receptors containing the δ subunit in drug effects and in physiological inhibition.

Xinguo Lu

Hyein Park

Ann Benz

I participate in virtually all projects by managing the lab, preparing cultures, performing surgeries, and imaging specimens.

Carson Platnick

I examine the effect of different culture substrates on neuronal development.  I develope image analysis approaches to quantify dendritic complexity.

Peter Lambert

Sarah Keiser

Jenny Shu

My main interests are in neurosteroid modulation of GABA receptors. I’m also exploring the transcription changes in neurons to various environmental and genetic changes.

Luke Ziolkowski

I’m analyzing the transcriptional changes that accompany local contact between astrocytes and neurons.

Daniel Chen 

I am currently investigating the mechanisms by which neurosteroids are trafficked through neurons and developing novel chemical probes to study the modulation of NMDA receptors.

Sarah Quernheim 


Natasha Warikoo

Currently MD/PhD at OHSU. 

Monika Martinek

Summer Amgen scholar. Currently senior at St. Louis University