Meet the Lab

Steve Mennerick, PhD

Principal Investigator

I enjoy working with trainees, staff, and collaborators to advance projects that will yield new information about neuronal communication and that will spur insight into health and disease.

Xinguo Lu, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Ann Benz

Lab Manager

I participate in virtually all projects by managing the lab, preparing cultures, performing surgeries, and imaging specimens.

Peter Lambert

MD/PhD Student

Sofia Salvatore

Research Technician

Jenny Shu, MD,PhD

Senior Scientist

My main interests are in neurosteroid modulation of GABA receptors. I’m also exploring the transcription changes in neurons to various environmental and genetic changes.

Michele Barraco

Graduate Student/Visiting Researcher

Richard Ni

Research Technician



Dissertation Student

Julian Meeks, PhD

Geraldine Kress, PhD

Tina Chang, PhD

Devon Crawford, PhD

Christine Emnett, PhD

Courtney Sobieski, PhD


Christopher Fields

Andrew Yu

Margaret Dowling Sarezky, MD

Kyle Wu

Daniel Chen

Daniel Giuffra

Micah Keiser

Monika Martinek

Jay Mohan

Isaac Mordukhovich

Carson Platnick

Forrest Whiting

Natasha Warikoo

Luke Ziolkowski

Omkar Venkatesh