Lab Picnic at Tower Grove Park!

On Friday evening our lab went to Tower Grove Park to enjoy some good food, great weather, and team bonding time. A great evening was enjoyed by all! 

Sara presents at the USTAR Symposium!

Our Undergrad student, Sarah Keiser, presented at the USTAR Symposium yesterday. We are so glad that she will be staying with us for the Fall semester!

Say Hello To Mariangela!

We are so happy to have Mariangela Chisari in the Mennerick Lab for a few months. Make sure if you see her to say hello!

Congratulations Jenny!

We want to congratulate Jenny Shu on 15 years of dedicated service in our lab! We are very lucky to get to work with Jenny everyday!

Antidepressant Neurosteroids

We were excited to learn that our partners at Sage therapeutics have published trials of a formulation of the neurosteroid allopregnanolone for postpartum depression treatment.  Another neuroactive steroid completed Phase 2 trials for Major Depressive Disorder and was recently designated FDA Breakthrough Status.  This work seems to validate the studies we and others have done […]