The MBnc Training Program crosses traditional disciplines, including basic science as well as engineering, and spans multiple length scales. We believe this breadth is essential to high-quality training in mechanobiology, and it provides both opportunities and challenges.

The MEMS, BME, and Physics departments, and several PhD programs in the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences (DBBS) participate. The participating faculty provide expertise and research opportunities distributed across scales and topics.

The overarching goal of the MBnc Training Program is to provide pre-doctoral students at Washington University with the insight and skills needed to elucidate the role of mechanical forces in biological systems across many length scales. To achieve this overall goal, this grant: (a) provides administrative and training support that will strengthen ties among the interdisciplinary community of biomechanics and mechanobiology researchers at Washington University, and (b) provides structure and guidance to students in this community by establishing guidelines for coursework and research.

Photo from Ram Dixit

Courtesy: Ram Dixit

Courtesy Liz Haswell

Courtesy: Liz Haswell