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Training: Screencast-o-matic and VideoPad

In addition to Kaltura, the school supports two additional video capture and editing platforms.


Screencast-o-matic is loaded in both the Lopata 400 and Jolley 421 studios. It allows you to easily capture your screen and a webcam in to a video. There are then tools that allow you to edit that video prior to uploading it into Kaltura for sharing on Canvas. You can also import video from other sources and edit them.

Screencast-o-matic has a number of great resources on how to edit video here:


VideoPad is dedicated video editing software. It does not have a direct capture component (like Kaltura or Screencast-o-matic). However, it can be used for more advanced video editing needs.

This tool can be found in Lopata 400 as well as several computers in Lopata 401.

Ethan Hall from EIT has made a brief overview video for this tools and covers some basics for getting started. That video can be found here (WUSTL Key required):