Brown bag Online course training Recording

Recording: Classroom Teaching Technology Virtual Brown Bag (August 20)

Our sixth virtual brown bag was held on August 20th from one of the pooled classrooms on Danforth campus. During this demonstration, Emily Boyd showed how to use the pooled classroom technology to deliver a hybrid lecture to students in-person and online simultaneously. Emily modeled the use of a tablet, a doc cam, and a blackboard, while several MEMS students (and a few faculty) posed questions online and in the classroom.

I would strongly encourage everyone to watch this presentation. It was an excellent demonstration of the challenges and opportunities available in hybrid lectures. The session recording is embedded below.

NOTE: After this recording was posted, I’ve learned how to use the room A/V system along with a tablet. The steps are listed here: (step 9 discusses the use of a tablet and includes video demonstration). One key step is NOT to connect your tablet to the podium input so that the podium computer remains the source for microphone and speakers.