Peer-to-Peer #2: OneNote lectures

This is the second post to the Peer-to-Peer series, sharing instructor’s experiences and approaches.

Matthew Lew (ESE) recorded mini lectures for ESE 582 (Fundamentals of Optical Imaging) last spring. Matthew lectured “live” via Zoom and OneNote, then shared both the Zoom recordings and the notebook pages with his students for their review. This potent combination of careful, step-by-step explanation and detailed, final output was greatly appreciated by his students. 

In this video, Matthew demonstrates the use of OneNote over Zoom to walk students through handwritten equations and handdrawn graphs.

In this video, Matthew uses OneNote to walk students through a PDF handout generated using the publish() command in MATLAB.

If you’d like some guidance on adapting this process (including the software and hardware used) to your own needs, please contact Jason Crandall ( or Meghann Pytka (